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    The ACIMGA Association represents the major Italian Manufacturers of Machinery for the Graphics, Paper and Cardboard Processing, and Converting Industry. ACIMGA operates in Italy and abroad, providing member companies with a range of services in the areas of marketing and promotion, economic matters, technical consultancy and standards, publishing and communications. In addition, ACIMGA handles the organisational aspects of Italian participation at foreign trade fairs with the PUNTO ITALIA trademark.



    For more than 25 years , the IWMA has acted as the catalyst for technological exchange and market contact between producers and users of wire, rod, cable, fibre optic and wire products and suppliers of production and processing equipment.
    Its membership spans 51 Natons and includes many major producers and suppliers throughout the world.

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    The objectives of SMI are: To promote and protect interests of springmakers in the United States and Canada. To serve as a clearinghouse and source of information on the many facets of business relating to the industry. To establish a cordial relationship among members, and between members and suppliers to the industry. To provide significant services to the membership. To inspire professional business standards among membership.

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    Association of German Spring Manufacturers. With over 100 associates, it represents more than 85% of the total production of springs in Germany. It aims at protecting the economical, professional and scientific interests of its members at an European and international level.

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    The ACIMAF was founded for the purpose of promoting the image of italian technology in the sector of machines and products for the wire and cable manufacturing industry:
    It is a non-profit voluntary association and plays an important international role of cooperation in improving the location and organisation of the major wire and cable trade fairs.

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    The Wire Association International (WAI), Inc., founded in 1930, is a worldwide technical society for wire and cable industry professionals that is governed by volunteers from around the world. Based in Guilford, Connecticut, USA, WAI promotes, collects, and disseminates technical, manufacturing, and general business information to the ferrous, nonferrous, electrical, fiber optic, and fastener segments of the wire and cable industry.

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    ESF, the European Spring Federation is a Federation of European National Spring Associations. Its membership comprises National Spring Associations of Austria, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Italy and United Kingdom. 
    The objective of the Federation is to look after and further the economic, professional and scientific interests of its members at European and International level. In particular the organisation is focusing on the following areas of interest

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    The ANCCEM (Italian Spring Federation) has devoloped and promoted ongoing studies and papers on production costs for the Italian spring businnes. Additionally, it organizes annual work-shops where strategies and developmental models for small spring companies are studied.
    ANCCEM publishes a technical handbook on spring design and drawing, final control procedures, quality level classification, material order procedures and general terms of spring sales.

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