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FX 5

High-Speed Automatic Spring Coiling Machine, fitted with the latest generation multi-axis Numerical Control.

High-speed automatic spring coiling machine for the production of only RH compression springs, equipped with the latest generation multi-axis Numerical Control for the direct control of 6 axes with one micron resolution.

Performance: lower mechanical inertia, less parts subject to wear and play, direct commands to ali tools, hardware and software with superior performance.

Reliability: maximum simplification, significant reduction in the number of mechanical parts, improved maintenance and easy to use, greater pro­tection of electronic components.

Standard Configuration:

  • 6 axes: wire feed, diameter, vertical pitch, horizontal pitch, retracting mandrel, cutter
  • Touch screen display
  • Electronic hand-wheel for all axes manual control
  • Software with auto programming (PG) and graphic programming (2D)
  • Wire feed with 4 feed rollers
  • Sngle piece cutter-mandrel unit
  • Quick cutting type change over (straight, rotative or twist cut)
  • Electronically controlled feed roller pressure
  • Automatic lubrication pump (inside of the machine)
  • Lamp
  • Electric cabinet with air conditioner
  • UPS unit with battery
  • additional I/O with relevant software for programmable functions
  • Programmable auto shut-off (energy saving)
  • Router for remote assistance and software updates

Acessories on request:

  • Axes for spring initial tension control (international patent)
  • Production control with videocamera and backlight (SPC)
  • 2 ways sorting chute - small type
  • 3 ways sorting chute - small type
  • 5 ways sorting chute - small type
  • Double action wire cleaning device complete with micro lubrication programmable pump
  • Leica stereoscopic magnifier (40x) complete with quick positioning system


  • Motion Control Technology 
  • SPC with video camera (for length and diameter)
  • High-resolution digital transducers
  • Programming can be made in microns 
  • Ease and quickness of programming (SPG/SGP)
  • Quick change from standard to rotary cut. 
  • Industrial PC with large touch-screencolour LCD
  • Horizontal pitch tool (axis)
  • Lamp 
  • Integrated UPS unit 
  • USB ports
Wire diameter [mm] 0,1-0,8 0,15-1,1 0,25-1,5 0,4-3,0
External spring diameter [mm] 15 20 35 60
Wire feed speed [m/min.] 150 200 160 160
Electric power [kW] 7,5 7,5 7,5 15
Dimensionsi [LxWxH mm] 640 X 1.150 X 2.000 640 X 1.150 X 2.000 640 X 1.150 X 2.000 840 X 1.550 X 2.200
Net weight [kg] 700 750 800 1.600